intense bleaching serum (physician only)

Iluma intense bleaching serum (physician only)

An intense, oil-free blend of hydroquinone, glycolic, azelaic acid and natural lightening agents to effectively lighten skin discolorations. Tea tree oil aids in calming inflamed skin and provides for a gentle application. Paraben-free.

Freckles, melasma, post pregnancy pigmentation, discolorations, dark spots.

Corrects epidermal pigmentation, reduces dark skin spots, treats post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening. Use PREVENTION+ daily.

Glycolic Acid
Azelaic Acid
Skin lightener
AHA exfoliator, keratolytic acid
Anti-bacterial, keratolytic, antioxidant
Licorice Natural lightening agent
Citric Acid Blend Astringent
Tea Tee Oil Anti-inflammatory