3 Ways to Rid Your Client’s Rosacea Woes

The red menace of the beauty world   

More likely than not, you’ve come across a client embarrassed by the flush they get after a mere glass of red wine or from eating spicy food. They may notice red bumps on their chin, nose and forehead and just the thought of being in a humid environment or a freezing one for that matter, increases erythema and surface capillaries.

Chances are they are of the one in 20 people that suffer from rosacea. While there is no known “cure” for the condition, there are several things a client can do to minimise their embarrassing redness and you can educate and help them manage it with 3 simple steps…

1. Identify the triggers

Encourage them to keep a journal for 1-2 weeks detailing diet, environmental changes and emotional status to identify core triggers. It’s widely known that spicy dishes, thermally hot food/drinks and alcohol can spark flare-ups, but did you know that foods like avocado, citrus fruit and even chocolate can aggregative individual cases! As can vigorous exercise, so light workouts like yoga or walking and using cool compresses afterwards can help.

2. Recommend the right skincare and cosmetics

Many rosacea sufferers have sensitive and easily irritated skin so patients should avoid using any products that irritate or burn them. Steer away from ingredients like alcohol, peppermint, fragrances, menthol and eucalyptus.  A useful rule of thumb is to choose products that contain soothing and hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin C, aloe, allantoin, arnica, chamomile, mallow, green tea, emblica, meadowsweet, hyaluronic acid and licorice to help calm their skin, repair damage, and create a healthy complexion. Image’s Vital C range is high in anti-oxidants for protection and nutrition and is ideal for clients with rosacea.

Mineral make-up can also benefit the client as they typically use anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help calm and soothe skin. Try a good line, such as Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, which is free from talc, parabens, oil, fragrance and petrochemicals- basically all of the common irritants found in conventional makeup.

3. Limit exposure to the elements

Extremes of heat and cold are common triggers- direct sun can spark a wildfire of unwanted inflammation. It is important to limit exposure to the elements of the great outdoors and use a (fragrance free) sunscreen that allows the skin to breathe.

If the inflammation causing rosacea is not treated, over time the blood vessels in the skin can permanently enlarge, possibly causing worsening redness. If you think you have a client at risk, this advice might very well be a life-changer for them!

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