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Jacquelyn Hill and Janna Ronert team up with special guests, skincare professionals and beauty entrepreneurs to dive deep into everyone’s favorite topic: skincare. From inspiring stories to the “why” behind your most pressing skincare questions—and with no serum left unturned—Jacquelyn and Janna serve up everything skin, straight from the experts who know it best. Subscribe now and watch for new episodes dropping every month.

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Episode 14:

The Gut-Brain-Skin Connection

with Maria Marlowe, certified holistic nutritionist and founder, Kuma

While the concept of skincare from the inside out is not a new one, the connection between our gut, brain and skin has been gaining renewed attention, thanks to ongoing research and the work of industry professionals like Maria Marlowe, a certified holistic nutritionist who has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Good Morning America and more. In this episode, Jacquelyn sits down with Maria to break down the “why” behind many disruptions to skin and gut health—and how small, easy shifts can help us optimize our diet and lifestyle to fight the root causes of inflammation.

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Episode 13:

Talking Accessible Skincare with Hand & Stone

with Lisa Rossmann, SVP Service & Product, Hand & Stone

One of the best investments you can make for your skin is having a preventative plan, complete with a clinical-grade regimen and customized, targeted treatments from a skincare professional. But as you’ll learn in today’s episode, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Janna sits down with Hand & Stone executive Lisa Rossmann to break down the benefits of pro treatments, focusing on self-care and empowering the esthetician through Hand & Stone’s uniquely accessible spa concept.

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Episode 12:

Microcurrent Technology


Microcurrent is an effective and non-invasive technology used in age management facials. Utilizing a low level of electricity, microcurrent facials stimulate the face to firm, contour and hydrate the skin. In this episode, Janna and Jacquelyn connect with leading expert David Suzuki to discuss the benefits of microcurrent technology and the importance of pairing this advanced technology with professional skincare products for transformative results.

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Episode 11:

Level up with in-office treatments

with Dr. Shari Sperling, DO

What happens at your esthetician’s or dermatologist’s office can make the difference between good and great skin. From professional laser treatments and light therapies to body sculpting procedures, today’s non-invasive treatments give truly transformative results. In this episode, Janna and Jacquelyn chat with dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling about the high-tech technologies that are worth the investment, plus what to expect with results and post-treatment care.

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Episode 10:

The VITAL C story

An interview with founder Janna Ronert

We’re celebrating the first-ever VITAL C Month at IMAGE—and who better to share the story behind the favorite collection than our very own Skinfluenced host and IMAGE founder, Janna Ronert. With 1.9 products sold every minute, VITAL C is more than just a bestseller: It’s beloved by skincare experts and estheticians worldwide who can’t get enough of its nourishing benefits. Join Janna and Jacquelyn as they discuss Janna’s journey as an esthetician, female founder and entrepreneur, her unique concept for the collection and the VITAL C products they can’t live without.

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Episode 9:

Nutrition and your skin

with nutrition expert Mia Syn, MS, BDN

Experts have long studied the connection between the food we eat and the health of our skin—and many of us have experienced firsthand the glow-zapping result of consuming too much sugar, not enough water or a diet rich in processed foods. In this episode, Janna and Jacquelyn chat with licensed nutritionist Mia Syn as she separates food facts from fiction, covering everything from the effects of popular trends like the keto diet to her favorite foods for healthy skin.

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Episode 8:

Makeup trends to know now

with licensed estheticians and makeup artists Maegan Lewis and Rachel Shapiro

Whether your seasonal get-togethers are of the Zoom or in-person variety this year, you’ll want to get ready with the help of our featured makeup artists. With over 33 years of combined experience, Maegan and Rachel share insider MUA secrets and techniques to make you feel your best, plus the breakdown on in-demand treatments like brow lamination, lash extensions and more.

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Episode 7:

Take action against acne

with Dr. Deborah Longwill, DO, FAOCD, dermatologist

Acne is a decidedly personal topic—and finding the right products and treatments can be life-changing. We chatted with Dr. Deborah Longwill, a Miami-based dermatologist who has treated hundreds of acne patients in her career. From acne positivity and the best treatments and technologies for acne to the food, hormone—and stress!—connections, Dr. Longwill tackles the acne topics most asked about by Skinfluenced listeners.

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Episode 6:

How to age later

with Dr. Marc Ronert, MD, PhD, European board-certified plastic surgeon

For Healthy Aging Month, we went straight to an expert: Dr. Marc Ronert, IMAGE co-founder, board member and the author of Age Later: Look Seven Years Younger In Just Seven Weeks. With insights from Dr. Ronert, Ashleigh and Jacquelyn explore the four keys to a healthy, happy aging process—skin, exercise, diet and mind—and share smart tips to level up your daily wellness practices, from the foods to eat for healthy skin to the right supplements for overall wellbeing.

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Episode 5:

Balancing your body and mind

with Dr. Anya Temer, integrative medicine physician & Chloe Ravel, mindset practitioner

National Wellness Month is here and our hosts are digging deep into holistic health and harmonious living. In this episode, we explore new ways to tap into inner wellness, with guests Dr. Anya Temer, an integrative medicine physician and founder of Total Holistic Center; and Chloe Ravel, holistic practitioner and mindset coach. Both have come to share their best wellness wisdom, with practical tips, guidance and more ways to live your fullest, most fulfilling life.

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Episode 4:

Inside the world of injectables

Featuring Dr. Kandace Kichler

Injectables require just the right combination of artistry, science and anatomical mastery, so to learn more about them, we went straight to an expert source: Dr. Kandace Kichler, who specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation at her practice in West Palm Beach, Florida. Listen as Ashleigh and Jacquelyn explore the many ways to customize natural, youthful-looking results at the hands of a skilled injector, through injectable fillers, neurotoxins and more.

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Episode 3:

Common skin myths, debunked

Featuring licensed estheticians Lia Leigh & Chelsea Vazquez

It’s Q&A time, Skinfluenced style! Ashleigh and Jacquelyn chat with licensed estheticians Lia Leigh and Chelsea Vazquez to get answers to your most pressing skincare questions and upend common misconceptions about the skin. Find out if you’re really getting more from double cleansing, how to pair hard-hitting ingredients like retinol and vitamin C, whether you really need SPF (hint: you do) and more.

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Episode 2:

Everything under the sun: your safe sun guide

Featuring Dr. Bertha Baum

We talk to board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bertha Baum about sunning safer, from how to select the right sunscreen to protecting your skin as the weather heats up.

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Episode 1:

From passion to purpose: in conversation with the founders

Featuring Janna Ronert & Dr. Marc Ronert

Learn the secrets to success from those who know IMAGE best. From major triumphs to big challenges, Dr. Marc and Janna reveal what it takes to build a brand. Get an intimate look at the brand’s history and learn what keeps IMAGE innovating, evolving and striving to be unstoppable.

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