Benefits of Using a Facial Cleanser

An optimal skincare routine begins with a good facial cleanser. Facial cleansers are essential for removing dirt, oil, makeup, and everything else that builds up on your skin throughout the day. By removing these impurities, facial cleansers can unclog pores, hydrate the dermal layer, and brighten your complexion. Additionally, facial cleansers leave behind a fresh surface for serums, moisturizers and masks to absorb into the skin more effectively.

How Do I Choose the Right Facial Cleanser?

It’s important to choose a facial cleanser that fits your skin’s needs. Because everyone’s skin is slightly different, choosing the right facial cleanser for your skin type is essential. For example, if you have dry skin, a hydrating facial cleanser will help maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. If you have oily skin, a mattifying cleanser will help control oil and keep skin fresh. Those with mature skin will benefit from a gentle, exfoliating cleanser that supports cell turnover. No matter what your skin type, IMAGE Skincare has a facial cleanser to suit every skin type and condition.