Father’s Day: Get Dad the Best Men’s Skin Care

Historically, men might not have been as diligent about skincare as women, but that’s changing! More and more, men are realizing they aren’t immune to all the pollution and sun damage. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to convince dad to add at least one step to his skincare routine or invest in at least one product considered the best men’s skincare – no matter how sceptical he may be. We hope you (and dad!) are up to the challenge.

SPF Love

We’ll start out with the toughest task – getting your dad to wear sunscreen. Even some women fail to adhere to this, so it’s no surprise that men might be extra hesitant. So how can you get your dad to stop resisting and embrace SPF? Image Skincare’s PREVENTION+ line of sun products is absolutely the way to go. These sunscreens are so sheer and light that it literally feels like you have nothing on your face. Many sunscreens tend to be greasy, heavy, and feel like a weight on your face. But Image Skincare has worked hard to develop an SPF moisturizer that goes on smooth, lasts for a long time, and feels completely weightless.

Lip Care

We all can agree: there’s nothing cute about perpetually chapped lips. Not to mention…they hurt when they’re dehydrated! If your dad is perpetually licking his lips in a desperate ploy to add some moisture, introduce him to Image Skincare’s RONERT MD Restoring Collagen Lip Enhancer with SPF 15. This balm offers protection from sun damage, but also includes marine collagen spheres that fill in wrinkles and cracks to plump up the appearance of lips and make them look healthy.

Shave It Off

Considering how often some men shave, it might be easy to convince dad to apply something soothing and hydrating after shaving—when skin tends to get raw and sensitive. You don’t even have to foist a bunch of different products on him. Image Skincare’s ORMEDIC Balancing Facial Cleanser works wonders. It cleanses while leaving skin soft and hydrated. Organic aloe vera and other botanical extracts ensure that skin is protected, after the use of harsh chemicals (like those in shaving cream), and nourished. Skin is also balanced and clean and ready for the application of a serum or moisturizer (if you can convince dad to go that far).

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