Image Skincare Announces their Top Two Salons of the Year!

The annual PBS Skin Summit, hosted by the exclusive distributors of Image Skincare, Professional Beauty Solutions - has come to an end for this year. We are overjoyed to announced that the IMAGE Skincare Stockist of the Year award had not one, but two deserving winners!

Thanks to the incredible calibre of stockists, PBS had to differentiate according to salon size, leaving the winner of the Image Skincare Stockist of the Year (less than 4 treatment rooms), Sanctuary Beauty & Wellness. And the winner of the Stockist of the Year (4 treatment rooms or more), Temple Skincare & Spa. Congratulations to both winners kicking goals in the salon industry right now.

Sanctuary Beauty & Wellness (who has three treatment rooms) says of the brand, “Had I discovered IMAGE Skincare before my other brands, I wouldn’t have bothered with any other skincare brand it has been THAT transformative for my clients and my business profits.

Temple Skincare & Spa (boasting eight treatment rooms) says of the brand, “IMAGE Skincare + IMAGE MD - is our top selling skincare range we prescribe… we love, love, love it! We find that all the staff are confident in recommending it to their clients as the overall skin health dramatically improves and staff can confidently correct almost all skin concerns. IMAGE allows the therapist to really customise and prescribe a number of ingredients to their clients, in order to obtain the results they deserve. IMAGE Skincare has been a great investment for the business as it offers awesome ROI and profits with return sales due to client confidence in the brand and results. We also have IMAGE MD that our senior Aestheticians prescribe for more intense results.”

Congratulations to the deserving winners of the Image Skincare Stockist of the Year 2024!

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