Image Skincare Upgrades Prevention+ Sunscreen Collection With the Best Protection Against Blue Light

One of the biggest enemies of youthful skin is sun exposure. With our faces exposed to the elements on mostly a daily basis, it’s not surprising that UV rays can cause damage little by little, whether you enjoy the occassional walk on the beach or drive outside 20 minutes a day. But we have even more bad news: it’s not just sun exposure that’s causing the accelerated signs of aging. Experimental evidence indicates blue light (the light from screens like desktop computers, laptops and cell phones) is also detrimental to the skin over time. The good news? We have the best protection against blue light and UV rays.

Blue Light

Also called high-energy visible light, or HEV, this type of light is pretty much everywhere these days thanks to regular use of digital devices like computers, tablets and cell phones. Even if you’re holed up in an office all day and don’t see the sun, you are still being exposed to blue light via technology.[1]

Digital Aging Defense

Image Skincare’s Digital Aging Defense technology can help minimize the visible damage caused by blue light AND sunlight. Hydrolyzed pea protein, a naturally derived ferment, is a key beneficial ingredient that has shown the ability to shield against blue light and pollution.


 The Prevention+ line also features a blend of antioxidants to combat free radical damage.[2] Free radicals are unstable atoms that cause signs of aging by degrading collagen and elastin in the skin. Even though collagen and elastin naturally diminish in the skin through the simple process of getting older, the noticeable effects—wrinkles and fine lines, uneven texture, dullness and sagging—are expedited through exposure to sunlight and pollution. Antioxidants are direct enemies to free radicals that can neutralize their instability.

EcoCert Organic Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a mineral UV filter that protects against sun damage by deflecting, or scattering, the sun’s rays.[3] Zinc oxide is reef-friendly, meaning that it won’t damage coral reefs if you happen to be living or vacationing in an area where they are prevalent. Zinc oxide is also safe for skin in general, particularly sensitive skin. Unlike chemical sunscreen ingredients, zinc oxide does not have any potentially harmful effects to people or the environment.[4] It is also an approved natural ingredient by the Natural Product Association. On top of all that, its EcoCert certification means that it has complied with rigorous environmental and social sustainability standards. But rest assured, Image Skincare’s formula will NOT leave an unpleasant white cast all over your skin.

No Chemicals

Many people continue to turn to natural alternatives to their skincare ingredients and sun protection products are no exception. You’ll be happy to know that Image Skincare’s Prevention+ products are not formulated with chemical sun blockers octinoxate and oxybenzone nor do they contain parabens or artificial fragrances, which can be irritating to sensitive skin. Instead, citrus essential oils provide a light, pleasant scent.

Key Products Depending On Your Personal Skin Needs

Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

prevention spf 50

This is a super-lightweight formula that defends from high sun exposure and has been recently upgraded with Digital Aging Defense to protect against blue light as well. It features organic zinc oxide for the best protection during both outdoor and indoor activities.

P.S. It moisturizes and nourishes skin, too!

Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

prevention daily tinted moisturizer

Featuring all the protection of our regular moisturizing sunscreens AND a hint of color to hide any imperfections or simply to provide skin with a more even tone, this is a great choice for daily wear as well.

Prevention+ Daily Defense Lip Enhancer SPF 15

prevention spf 15 lip

It’s so easy to neglect the lips when it comes to sun exposure, but the skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and much thinner than skin elsewhere. What does that mean? It’s the first to get dry and creased. It’s important to protect your lips from sun exposure with the same diligence and care that you use to protect your face. The Image Skincare Daily Defense Lip Enhancer with SPF 15 offers mineral protection from damaging light, but also includes palmitoyl tripeptide-1[5] and marine collagen[6] to moisturize and make lips look fuller.







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