Skincare Hacks to Revolutionise your Routine

We love our makeup hacks, but we often forget about how to hack our skincare routine to make it easier and quicker, and much more effective on our skin. Any beauty routine starts with great skincare, which means without top tips and tricks that make our skincare better, well we just wouldn’t survive!

From inflammation soothing to makeup removal, here are Image Skincare’s skin hacks to revolutionise your routine and your skin…

Mix face oils with your moisturiser. Adding just a drop of oil into your moisturiser can remove an extra few steps in your routine by adding added hydration at the source. Apply to your face as usual, mixed in with your day or night cream for additional glow to your skin. Not only are you getting that extra hydration to your face in half the time and effort, but on the outside you look refreshed and dewy. We recommend adding the VITAL C Hydrating Facial Oil to your favourite Image moisturising cream for the look.

Keep your eye cream in the fridge. Suffering from constant puffiness? The perfect (and refreshing) solution is to chill your signature eye cream in the fridge before you use it at the end of your skincare routine. Not only is it great on the surface, but it can help decrease under eye puffiness and boost circulation to the skin. Our top choice for this is the ORMEDIC Balancing Eye Lift Gel, just be sure not to fully freeze it.

Time to try out multimasking. Mixing, matching and layering your facemasks is one of the biggest trends to hit the skincare scene. The technique is designed to target different skin concerns at once, like acne on the t-zone and rosacea on your cheeks. Your skincare routine has never been so personal, we recommend the CLEAR CELL Medicated Acne Masque with our VITAL C Hydrating Enzyme Masque to target different areas of the face, depending on your skin condition.

Tame your brows with a dab of sunscreen. Whether your brows are preened to perfection or not, there is always a stray hair that pops out by the end of the day. Using a dab of SPF moisturiser or sunscreen, slick those stray hairs back into place and also provides that extra bit of protection on skin that is forgotten. Our PREVENTION + Daily Matte Moisturiser would work wonders for this hack.

Apply wrinkle ridding crème with your ring finger. We are all concerned about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, with all that pulling, tugging and swiping across delicate areas of the skin. Experts say that applying skincare with your ring finger will prevent more from showing up, and the ones that do exist will look less noticeable. Your ring finger, being the weakest finger, does the least amount of tugging, making it the perfect tool for applying eye crèmes and masques. Lightly dab our the MAX Stem Cell Eye Crème across your under eyes and crow’s feet for a firmer look.

Do you use any of these skincare hacks? What other skincare tricks have you tried?

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