Transitioning Your Skin Care From Winter to Spring

Rejoice! Days are getting longer, temperatures are warming up, and spring is on the horizon. After several dreary months of winter, it feels oh-so-good to finally usher in this new, blossoming season. Naturally, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to change your skincare routine for this transition, but don’t worry too much because we’re here with a guiding hand.

Modify Your Moisturizer

For winter, you probably used a heavier moisturizer to keep dryness at bay. Now, however, you can swap that heavy moisturizer for something water or gel-based that is lighter. People with oilier skin types might think they can skip the moisturizer step in spring, but it’s important to moisturizer year-round. With a lighter formula, you likely won’t even realize you have anything on. TIP: If you have oily skin, try the Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer to prevent shine while keeping skin hydrated and protected.

Crank Up The SPF

The sun is finally shining like it should, and of course you know that means you need more SPF. During winter, if you used a moisturizer that already had SPF in it, now you should consider using SPF separately. You can also start using a higher SPF than you did in winter. The Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer is a great choice because it is hydrating but also contains a higher SPF that is particularly important as skies clear and temperatures warm up.


Skin gets duller in winter and that’s a fact. It also tends to dry out somewhat even if you are diligent about using moisturizer. Exfoliation will help brighten skin tone while also removing all those dead skin cells that have accumulated during the winter season. Exfoliating will also help keep breakouts from getting out of control. The Ormedic Balancing Gel Polisher is gentle enough for everyday use, but strong enough to help skin look brighter, smoother and more radiant with regular use.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s not just for the home! Spring cleaning is essential to your skincare routine as well. Now is a good time to throw out any product that is over six months old, and to invest in new products. Get a new cleanser like the Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser that is perfect for delicate skin that needs a gentle touch. Winter takes its toll on skin no matter how good we are at taking care of it. You’ll need to be gentle with your skin as you transition it into a new season. The Vital C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum is also an excellent choice to incorporate into your spring skincare routine. Packed with vitamin C as a key ingredient, it helps support the appearance of collagen- and elastin-deprived skin. It also helps brighten the look of dull skin. Regular use will help prevent signs of aging from becoming too pronounced over time.

Bottom Line: Any transition from season to season requires that you go gently. Introducing too many new products or ingredients might give your skin a bit of a shock, so tread with caution.


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