Tips for Treating Under-eye Bags

Your foundation is flawless, you have chosen the perfect shade of lipstick for the prettiest pout, and your eyelashes brows are simply on point. The only thing that is messing up your otherwise picture-perfect face are those under-eye imperfections.

Women worldwide has a tumultuous relationship with under-eye bags. And there are many causes for these under-eye bags, puffiness, and darkness.

Your problem in this area may be hereditary, or it could be caused by environmental factors. Not being well-hydrated can affect the appearance of the skin under your eyes. Dehydration can certainly cause your eyes to have unsightly bags, puffiness and darkness. It is absolutely imperative to make sure you are drinking enough water to help keep the skin under your eyes looking fresh. It goes without saying that getting adequate amounts of sleep is absolutely on the top 10 list of ways to keep the skin around your eyes looking fresh. Hydrate yourself from the inside out, with a daily dose of water! Drinking water helps flush out the toxins from your system and thereby reducing the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area.

Pollution and dust can irritate the eyes, causing you to rub and tug at the delicate skin under your eyes. Over time, this tugging and pulling will eventually cause darkness.

However, some people are predisposed to under-eye bags. If your parents have this problem, then there is a very good chance that they passed that little gem on to you (thanks, Mom and Dad). Because of this, there is not much a bit of water can do, so the best way is to resort to effective and clinically proven skincare, especially high-quality eye cremes.

Ageless Total Eye Lift Creme:

To effectively address any under-eye bags, puffiness, and darkness that you may be experiencing, try our Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème. It offers you the benefit of treating all of these concerns with healthy, yet effective ingredients that will not irritate your eyes or cause your skin concern to worsen. Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème contains a retinyl, which is a retin-A derivative that tightens the skin of the under-eye area, giving you a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Chamomile, green tea, and coneflower soothe and refresh tired, dehydrated under-eye skin. In addition, the Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème contains an exclusive peptide blend which Improves firmness of skin, decreases capillaries, increases lymphatic circulation, decreases puffiness and bagginess under the eye area.

Even if you weren’t blessed with miracle genes, the ability to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, or occasionally forget to keep your water bottle handy, you can still have eyes that reflect youth, vitality, and alertness with IMAGE Ageless Total Eyelift Crème.

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