ACNE 101 - Types of Acne

Acne doesn’t always look the same. Do you know how to identify the different kinds of acne?

Comedonal acne:

  • Whitehead: A pore with a microscopic opening that is filled with sebum, bacteria, dirt and dead cells. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidised and remains white.
  • Blackhead: Impacted pores with a wide opening that are filled with sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells and have undergone a chemical reaction resulting in the oxidation of melanin. The oxygen from the air turns the material in the follicle black.

Inflammatory acne:

  • Papule: A rounded, dermal growth that is raised from the skin. A papule is usually very small in size and may open when scratched and become crusty and infected.
  • Postule: A severe kind of acne that affects deep in the root of follicles. Nodular acne comes in the form of large, painful bumps that affect deeper layers of the skin.
  • Cyst: A cyst or cysts occur when large amounts of pores become clogged and suddenly rupture, leading to infection and inflammation. Cystic acne is most common among teenagers as changes in hormones can mass produce keratin and sebum, which is responsible for the blockage of pores.
  • Body acne: The ears, beck, chest, back, scalp, shoulder and buttocks have the creates density of pores, making it easy to attract acne. Hormones, plugged pores and bacteria that produce acne on your face are the same factors that trigger body acne. This type of acne is very common if you live a very active lifestyle. Hair products, laundry detergents and constant friction from tight clothing can also play a part in producing body acne.


What can you do about it? 5 simple steps to prevent breakouts.

Acne can happen at any age. Learn how to treat acne and how to prevent it with IMAGE Skincare.

  1. Keep your pores clear with the right cleanser. If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s important to use a cleanser that helps prevent those nasty pimples instead of trying to treat them after the fact. Pick a cleanser with salicylic acid like IMAGE Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin and clear those pores out before a breakout has the chance to sneak in.
  2. Go oil-free. Taking care of your skin in the right ways can help maintain pH balance. Try using balancing products like IMAGE Skincare’s Ormedic Balancing Anti-oxidant Serum, a silky, ultra-hydrating botanical serum infused with organic Japanese green teal, aloe vera and a copper-complex peptide. This stiff continuously balances your skin from within and restores its ideal moisture level, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing. It’s also important to eat the right foods. Munch regularly on alkalizing foods like leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, carrots, and soybeans.
  3. Nourish your face. Did you know that diet accounts for 80 percent of your skin’s health? Keep this in mind when planning your meals. Adding fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A will help normalise the production of skin cells. Try adding more mango, kale and broccoli to your diet. Healthy fats from salmon, walnuts and eggs will also help keep your skin nourished, helping prevent future breakouts.
  4. Cover up carefully. When choosing a foundation, it’s important to consider the ingredients. Oil-free liquid foundations are great options for those prone to breakouts. Pick a foundation with skin-healing ingredients like IMAGE Skincare’s I Conceal Flawless Foundation, which include oxygenating properties, anti-aging peptides, stem cells and broad-spectrum SPF protection in a mineral base.
  5. Stress less. With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, it can be hard to find some peace and quiet. It can be a stressful time with end of the year deadlines at work and party after party. When we stress out, our cortisol hormones spike and along with it, oil production. Take time for yourself every season by going for a walk, having five minutes of silence in the car or taking yoga class once a week.

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