Sample Skin Prescriptions

Sensitive Skin Prescription

Nourish, protect and soothe sensitive skin with the ultimate balancing act: a synthesis of potent botanicals with clinically smart ingredients. Our ORMEDIC products contain natural botanicals and soothing extracts, perfect for sensitive skin! 


Anti-Age Correct
(AM/PM) Serum

Prevent & Protect

Night Repair


Sun Damaged Skin

Sun-damaged skin can result in pigmentation from sun spots to melasma, and everything in between. This routine will deliver potent encapsulated lightening agents to correct and prevention pigmentation and uneven skin tone whilst providing the ultimate protection for your skin.

Anti-Ageing Skin Prescription

This effective regimen helps to treat and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging due to environmental exposures. The AGELESS products utilise AHA blends, nutripeptides, retinols, lightening agents and anti-oxidants to produce younger looking skin. While the MAX formulations will support the  skin’s natural defense mechanisms and repairs cellular damage, delivering unsurpassed preventative measures against the effects of aging.

Dry Skin Skin Prescription

Rich in antioxidants for the ultimate protection and nutrition, this Image Skincare regime is ideal for those suffering from dry skin due to harsh environmental stressors. Vital C products provide the skin with a powerful blend of natural botanicals to improve the skin as the MAX stem cell facial cleanser utilises sulfate and acid free properties to balance the skins' pH and extends cell life.

Normal Skin Prescription

The ultimate balancing act for normal skin types, this skincare regime is a synthesis of potent stem cell botanicals with clinically smart and powerful ingredients. Watch as your skin is rejuvenated by AHA blends, retinols and anti-oxidants, visibly appearing younger and healthier. 

Oily Skin Prescription

Oily-prone skin can leave your skin vulnerable to breakouts, blemishes and blackheads. Choosing products that will help without drying out your skin can be challenging, that's where our combined skincare routine of AGELESS and CLEAR CELL products come in. CLEAR CELL products will effectively fight off acne with their anti-inflammatory botanicals, as the AGELESS products help to eliminate signs of aging due to environmental exposures.

Acne Prone Skin Prescription

If you suffer from Acne or blemish-prone oily skin then this skincare routine is for you. Combining our highly effective Clear Cell line that utilises the most effective acne fighting ingredients and potent anti-inflammatory botanicals with our Ageless range to fight acne, reduces inflammation, eliminates excess oil and purify and protect the skin.