BODY SPA rejuvenating body lotion


This fast-acting sunless tanner creates the ultimate safe tan without risk of sun damage. Natural sugar protein develops into a beautiful golden shade that evens skin tone and disguises imperfections. Lasting moisturisers ensure smooth, skin-softening hydration. The colour looks natural with no streaking, orange buildup or a traditional self-tanner smell.

Size: 170 g

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Hydrating body lotion with a high content of glycolic acid, retinol and peptides to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin while providing antioxidants and hydration to reverse the signs of ageing. Leaves skin fresh, soft and radiant.

Skin Type: All, rough/dull, ageing skin.

Glycolic acid

Skin exfoliator; regenerates skin cells

Perfection peptide P3

Stimulates the natural desquamation process of the skin and enhances the effect of glycolic acid without the side effects of peeling

Brighter, smoother and even toned skin complexion is created

Retinyl palmitate

Skin revitaliser

BV-OSC (stable form of Vitamin C)

Oil-soluble Vitamin C, highly stable antioxidant

Macadamia ternifolia

Skin hydration

Jojoba seed oil Shea butter

Natural anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming ingredients with skin repair functions

Apply liberally, morning and evening, or as often as needed, to entire body and allow to penetrate for a few minutes. Do NOT apply to freshly shaven skin.

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