Treat your Clients with a Clinical, Results-Driven Skincare Brand

Have you heard the news? IMAGE Skincare is now #1 Spa & Salon Professional skincare brand in the US.* 
Image Skincare is a clinical, results-driven brand that offers treatment options for every different business model. If you want a clinical, results-driven brand with high-performance peels, but also something that can deliver luxury spa and express facials, Image is your brand.
With Image, you can start small and grow. No salon is too small and we customize to your business needs. 
Our collection is aloe-based gel peels don't just peel the skin, they also feed the skin. Using unique peptide, stem cell & antioxidant complexes - Image peels also energise, soothe, lighten, brighten & detoxify whilst exfoliating, you can be guaranteed there isn't another peel like Image. 
Using our unique I ENHANCERS make our advanced peels fully customisable for every treatment level and every skin condition that walks through your door. 
The range includes: 
O2 Lift
Enzymatic & oxygenating treatment 

Ormedic Lift
Multi-fruit enzyme peel

Signature Facelift
Vitamin C & enzyme peel 

Acne Lift
AHA & BHA peel 

Advanced BHA Lift
Extra strength salicylic peel 

Wrinkle Lift
Glycolic & retinol peel 

Wrinkle Lift Forte
Advanced AHA/BHA peel for deeper wrinkles

Lightening Lift
Lactic acid peel to brighten

Lightening Lift Forte
Advanced lactic peel for stubborn pigmentation

Perfection Lift 
Advanced self-neutralising AHA & BHA peel for anti-ageing


    With Image, you have the ability to start small and grow into more advanced options. The best part is that you will also receive 100% MARKUP from the first order you place!
    If you are interested in learning more about the #1 Professional Skincare brand in the USA & Ireland, click here and we will get in touch to send you some FREE samples. 


    *Kline & Company's 2021 Professional Skin Care U.S. Report.

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