Are you Looking for Advanced Skincare to Compliment your Advanced Modalities in your Clinic?

Image Skincare’s CLEAN CLINICAL SKINCARE offers protocols to match almost any modality you may be currently offering.

Image Skincare’s advanced protocols have been designed to enhance the following treatments:

✔️ LED 

✔️ Microcurrent

✔️ Electroporation

✔️ Microexfoliation

✔️ Microneedling

✔️ Ultrasonic Dermaplanning

With advanced skin prepping plans and post treatment care protocols to ensure the best results for your clients, Image supports your business holistically.

Image makes skincare simple whilst also offering continual improvement and innovation in advanced treatments, ingredients and delivery systems.


With Image Skincare, we have a product and a treatment for every skin type and concern. Choose from over 20 facial protocols, 10 Customizable Clinical Peels as well as 3 body treatments. From pregnancy-safe, organic enzymatic facials to advanced AHA/ BHA peels, we can treat just about every skin condition that walks through your door.


We believe in supporting our entire industry, so whether you are a small single operator with a home salon or a large multi-room spa, we aim to cater to your needs, right now. We have no minimum monthly spend or order quantities. With Image, you can choose your treatments that work for your business. Start with as little as 2 treatments and then build up to our more advanced peels, or start big and take advantage of our upfront discounts. Image aims to meet the needs of every business size and model.


Our mission is to assist your business to make big profits, that’s why we choose to offer 100% markup from the very first order you place. Unlike some companies who start with low margins and only offer larger profits for larger businesses, we believe every salon owner deserves the same advantages. We also train our Business Development Managers to coach you to grow your profits with our personalised support, business size and model.


Image Skincare is proud to offer extensive classroom and online training (both recorded and live) to keep you and your team up with the latest information. Our training is not limited to product knowledge, we also train teams on getting the most out of their retail sales, as well as marketing and financial webinars to help you evolve and grow your business skills for increased profits. Our mission is to make our salon partners the most profitable in the industry, and we do this through our extensive education programs.


We totally understand the struggle for small business owners - we get it, we've been there and the hustle is real! It's our mission to assist our clients in any way we can to make life easier and to maximise your profits. That's why we created Marketing On A Platter. This is a FREE Marketing tool that assists you with everything from fully-designed monthly marketing promotional sets, including social media graphics, EDMs, & POS posters you can print. From launch campaigns to treatment and retail promotions, we have seasonal offerings as well as special occasion marketing sets including Mother's Day and bridal sets to grow your salesprofits and the best part is that it's all completely FREE.

If you are interested in learning more about the Number 1 Professional Skincare brand in the USA & Ireland, please enquire below and we will get in touch to send you some FREE samples.


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