How to Choose the Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type and Skin Concerns

Although you wash off your cleanser after a few moments, it’s an imperative step—the foundation that jumpstarts your ritual toward a glowing complexion. But just because you don’t leave it on your face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the appropriate formula that targets your unique skin. A cleanser that suits your skin can make a world of difference. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a cleanser.

Consider Your Skin Type, Day and Night

We’ve all identified our skin’s inherent type, whether it’s normal, dry, oily or combination. It’s easy enough to use these labels to choose a cleanser, but for some people it might be beneficial to use two different products, one for the morning and another for the evening. That’s because although your skin might belong to a general “category,” it might have different needs day and night.

For example, if you’re skin has been ravaged by a lot of sun, tends to get oily throughout the day and wear a lot of makeup, you might benefit from using AGELESS total facial cleanser at night because it contains exfoliating and refining glycolic acid to sweep away debris and dead skin cells. In the morning, however, you can switch to using VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser, which helps restore UV-damaged, sensitive skin while replenishing hydration to create a plump, smooth canvas for the day.

Sometimes, you might need to switch cleansers depending on lifestyle choices. If you have sensitive skin and got a professional skincare treatment, for instance, you might want to switch over to ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser for a time to ensure your skin is soothed and calmed.

Note: Even if your skin is super dry, it’s important to use a cleanser in the morning. The skin regenerates at night and it’s important to remove dead skin cells and impurities in preparation for the morning regimen.

Consider the Skin Concerns You Want to Target

There’s skin type, which is generally your skin’s “innate” state—and there are your complexion concerns that come up as you get older and as you get exposed to various elements, like sun and stress. If you’re noticing breakouts because of increased tension, you might want to use CLEAR CELL salicylic gel cleanser thanks to its powerful complex of beta hydroxy acids that penetrate and clear out pores, while neem extract and tea tree oil fight bacteria. For dryness and aging, you could try a cleanser like The MAX stem cell facial cleanser, a gentle acid-, sulfate- and paraben-free cleanser that balances and optimizes skin’s pH with plant-derived stem cell technology and botanicals.

Consider Texture

Generally speaking, foaming cleansers, like the CLEAR CELL salicylic gel cleanser, are best for oily, acne-prone skin types since they are better at dissolving excess oils and refreshing skin. Sensitive or dry skin types tend to fare better with gel or cream textures. ILUMA intense lightening cleanser is a gel-to-milk cleanser for those who enjoy the light, soft feel.

Another point about texture: We’re stating the obvious here, but no matter how good a skincare product is, it’s only effective if you actually use it regularly! The point is, it helps if you look forward to using your skincare products, so choose something with a touch and feel that makes your skin feel silky soft and amazing as you massage it in.

Choose Your Ideal IMAGE Cleanser

Whether your skin is dry and sensitive, ageing and dehydrated, discoulored with brown spots or experiencing breakouts, there is a perfect IMAGE cleanser for you. Here’s a quick-and-easy breakdown of what skin types and concerns are addressed by each cleanser and the benefits reaped.

AGELESS total facial cleanser

Normal/combination, aging, oily, pre-treatment for professional/chemical treatments.

  • rinses away makeup and oil
  • balances the pH of your skin
  • gentle glycolic acid blend begins the exfoliating process to reveal smoother skin

VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser

Redness/sensitive, dry/dehydrated, post-peel/post-operative, sun damaged/sun burned. Perfect for irritated/itchy

  • gently removes makeup and impurities
  • essential antioxidants and vitamins soothe dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin
  • improves skin texture and tone

ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser

All skin types. Sensitive, unbalanced, post-treatment, irritated.

  • lifts away makeup and impurities
  • helps balance the pH of skin
  • harmonizing blend of organic chamomile, green tea and oat kernel extract delivers essential nutrients to restore the skin’s natural balance and provide soothing, healing properties
  • leaves skin soft, hydrated and clean

The MAX stem cell facial cleanser

All skin types, ageing skin, sensitive skin.

  • balances and optimises skin’s pH
  • Plant-derived stem cell technology and botanicals nourish skin and help protect from environmental pollutants
  • extends cell life

CLEAR CELL salicylic gel cleanser

Oily, acne-prone, grades I and II acne, ageing.

  • gently removes makeup
  • eliminates excess oil
  • lightly exfoliates dead skin cells
  • keeps skin smooth, soft and shine free

ILUMA intense lightening cleanser

All skin types, uneven skin tone, dark spots, skin discolouration.

  • gently and effectively removes surface impurities
  • brightens skin complexion and tone
  • helps fade dark spots and discolouration

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