Image Skincare named No.1 Spa & Salon Professional Skincare Brand in the United States*

We’re thrilled to announce Image Skincare has been named the #1 Spa & Salon Professional Skincare brand in the United States making it the most trusted brand by skincare professionals. 

Announced recently by Kline & Company, the world’s leading market research firm that publishes the most respected and comprehensive beauty industry reports, this #1 position was previously held by another professional skincare brand for over a decade.

As the leader in the professional skincare industry, IMAGE Skincare is recommended by over 30,000 skin experts worldwide. The brand continues to innovate, pioneering initiatives like clean clinical skincare™ and the IMAGE Virtual Biosphere, an immersive, interactive digital playground and flagship store experience for consumers and professionals.

Founded by Janna Ronert, Image Skincare’s 14 collections can be found in salons, spas and homes across the globe. Starting with just one hydrating serum that was formulated by an ambitious aesthetician in her tiny kitchen, Image Skincare is now loved by skincare professionals in more than 60 countries across the globe!

After years of treating skin, educating and listening to her clients, Janna realised the skincare industry was dominated by confusing ingredients, short-lived fads, and products with questionable results. So, armed with a team of chemists, physicians, and skincare professionals, she set out to create effective solutions for all skin types and conditions, and this is where Image Skincare began.

Fast forward to today, and the Image Philosophy is to provide a complete system for the skin, a diet that treats every skin type and condition possible with AHAs/BHAs Retinol, Lightening Agents, Antioxidants, Stem Cells, Peptides and Sun Protective Factors to achieve outstanding results.

“We are honoured to be recognised as the number-one spa and salon professional skincare brand in the US,” says founder Janna Ronert. “This is a testament to the power of our professional community and people-driven philosophy propelling us to number one. We look forward to continued momentum and sharing our skin-changing science to an even wider audience globally.”

With a commitment to offering safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens as well as a social responsibility of no animal testing, non-reliant on petro-chemicals, use of vegetable and soy-based inks on all printed materials, recyclable packaging, bio-degradable packing materials and support of the Care For Skin Foundation the Image mantra of Clean Clinical Skincare™ is very clear.

Image Skincare is constantly innovating, incorporating the latest technologies and ingredients into existing formulas and developing new products year after year resulting in the achievement of being named #1 Spa & Salon Professional Skincare Brand in the United States and loved by skin professionals the world.

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