Tailor Treatments & Create Completely Customisable Skincare Routines for Your Clients

Can you customise your skincare to address more than one concern in a single treatment? With IMAGE Skincare, yes, you can. 

Choose from over 20 different facial protocols 10 customisable peels. 
  • Over 10 different types of stem cells 
  • 15 nourishing antioxidants 
  • Soothing organic aloe vera gel base
  • Potent fusion of anti-ageing peptides 
  • Brightening agents 
  • 6 synergistically balanced complex brands

Whether you are wanting to correct rosacea, ageing, wrinkles, dehydrated, dull skin, acne, rough complexion or pigmentation, Image has a peel and treatment for every client.

I just love the fact that it does not have to be a complicated & long treatment before clients can say, "Wow! I love the result!" A client can come in and we can perform an easy transdelivery infusion facial with smart delivery technology that allows you to literally see the results straight away and it's always a wow! For me at the end of the day, it's never really just about the product, it's how quickly the clients' results will show that outcome. And Image does just that." - Lucie, Sanctuary Beauty & Wellness

The Leaders in Treatment Customisation

Customise and boost every treatment to address multiple skin concerns with our I ENHANCE range. 

Our I ENHANCE boosters enhance and customise existing treatments and can be mixed with masques, serums, peels & moisturisers for additional acceleration or to treat multiple concerns in one treatment. With IMAGE Skincare, there is no skin left behind



Get started plus save up to 30% ensuring a maximum ROI from your very first order! Benefit from up to 143%* markup

✔️ Receive 100% Markup ongoing

✔️ An affordable range that is easy to retail. 

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Don't wait a minute longer. To find out Image can transform your business and your clients' results, call 1800 625 387 or click here

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