The Post-Sun Regimen: How to Take Care of the Appearance of Dark Spots and Damaged-Looking Skin

Basking on the beach, chilling by the pool, gardening, hiking – all of these activities expose you to the sun. And while some sun is good for you (and your mood!), it’s usually not “good” exposure.

We all love the sun, but it’s all fun and games until summer is over and you’re left with the appearance of dark spots and UV damage that make skin appear dull and aged. If you find you’ve indulged a little too much, or perhaps didn’t apply (or reapply) quite enough SPF, there are steps you can take to enjoy glowing skin again.


Effects of Sun Exposure: Dark Spots

Dark spots, uneven skin tone, roughness and dehydration are all common results of too much sun exposure. The sun also unleashes free radicals (unstable atoms), which can degrade collagen and elastin, making wrinkles and sagging more likely to appear. For dark spots, skin-brightening products can absolutely help lighten their appearance, fading them gradually and making them less noticeable.

Try Image Skincare’s Iluma Intense Brightening Cleanser and Iluma Intense Brightening Serum to visibly reduce darkened spots resulting from excess melanin production. The cleanser features a sulfate-free formula that starts out as a gel then turns into a milky texture that feels lovely on the skin. Ingredients include a blend of botanicals like green tea extract, willow bark and bellis perennis daisy flower, all of which work to brighten the overall appearance of skin.

The serum features powerful vitamin C and plant botanicals that work together to fade away the appearance of dark spots. Diligent application onto the spots and all over skin can improve the look of your skin tone, restoring radiance and glow. In studies, vitamin C has also been shown to help decelerate the appearance of premature ageing.


Effects of Sun Exposure: Roughness and Dehydration

Sun exposure can be very dehydrating—and skin that isn’t well hydrated tends to show the signs of ageing faster than fully moisturised skin (which is why those with naturally oily skin tend to see wrinkles and fine lines less quickly).

IMAGE Skincare’s AM/PM Power Players can help restore lost surface moisture and improve the appearance of skin texture, making it softer and less rough-looking. The Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque is meant to be applied before you go to sleep, and it will work throughout the night to hydrate your skin. During the nighttime, skin is more likely to absorb the nutrients and vitamins inside the masque, helping you to wake up with glowing, moisturised skin.

The Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant A C E Serum is packed with vitamins, helping to even out overall skin tone and restore depleted moisture. This serum also includes green tea and echinacea extracts to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Last but not least, a complex of five amino acids further helps skin to look bouncier and tighter.

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