Trend Alert! The Magic of Multi-Masking

The skincare trend that’s taking the social media world by storm is quickly becoming an Image Skincare fan-favourite with our range of amazing masks!

Our skin can often be fickle, temperamental and at times, our biggest enemy. More often than not, we’re facing more than one skin concern and so the issue of how to treat multiple skin issues arises. Well, wonder no more and say hello to multi-masking – our new skincare BFF!

Each area of your face can get hit with its own unique problem – your chin might be suffering from an oily hormonal breakout, while your cheeks and forehead could be completely dried out by the changing seasons. Whatever it may be, multi-masking allows you address a range of skin concerns at the same time by using multiple masking products and customising their placement on your face.

Check out @luennajane_skinstudio! She’s using the Image Purifying Probiotic Mask on her T-zone to detox her skin with its deep cleansing properties, and on the rest of her face she’s using the Firming Transformation Mask to improve the firmness and vitality of her skin, and boost hydration.

Multi-masking has become so popular because it lets you spot-treat your different skin concerns with ease, but it doesn’t hurt that it looks awesome and makes for a great #selfie!

Join the #multimasking movement and get your hands one of our 7 masks!

Not sure which masks to use to target your skin concerns? Check out our guide below!

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